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Housing Stability for Your Family

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Alternatives for Struggling Families

A Critical Safety Net for You

Stats is your Housing Stability Concierge, linking you with experienced non-profit HUD housing stability counselors to unlock federal and state resources. This is an alternative support mechanism to the impersonal banking system and for-profit subprime services. This is an educational service to find the peace of mind of a secure home. Together, we make it simple to find and apply for the resources you need to stabilize your housing situation.

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Identify potential resource qualification


Talk to HUD-approved experts


Personalized budgeting for stability

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Meet Sarah, a Single Mom in Crisis

Sarah, a single mom of two young kids, was laid off from her retail job due to the pandemic. With no savings to fall back on and already behind on her mortgage and utility bills, she was at her wit's end. She had tried to secure a personal loan but was turned down due to her poor credit score of 520.

Stats to the Rescue

Sarah stumbled upon Stats while searching for loan alternatives. Within minutes, she was connected to Emily, a HUD-approved housing stability counselor. Emily reviewed Sarah's financial situation in detail, including her monthly income, expenses, and debt. They discovered that Sarah was eligible for the Housing Stability Counseling Program (HSCP), a federal grant aimed at families facing housing instability.

A New Lease on Life

With Emily's guidance, Sarah applied for the HSCP grant and was approved within two weeks. The grant covered three months of her overdue mortgage payments and even took care of her outstanding utility bills. Emily also helped Sarah set up a manageable budget using the Stats' Budget Boost service, teaching her how to allocate funds for essentials and save a little each month. Now, Sarah has not only stabilized her immediate housing situation but also gained the financial literacy to prevent future crises. She feels a renewed sense of hope and is even planning to enroll in a part-time course to improve her job prospects.

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