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ATTENTION: *Hardship Alert*



Hi there, I'm John Gillette... more about me shortly.


But first, I'm guessing you’re feeling frustrated. Maybe a tiny bit hopeless?


Lenders decline you. Ignore you. 


You need to escape the trap of the "Credit-Banking Establishment". 

You need funding that's NOT based on credit scores...

So PAY ATTENTION to H.R. 1319, section 3204. It's buried in a huge piece of Federal Legislation…

…and it's the key to unlocking real money for you.

Imagine not worrying that your rent is late...

... nobody's threatening to shut off your power...

... your bills are all paid...

... peace of mind.


The lifeline you need.


All without being judged on your credit score.


It's real financial relief. Jessica from Dekalb County, Georgia, recently claimed $3,112 for back rent, utilities, and cell phone bills.

HSCP Client 1 - Jessica in Jean Jacket.png

The "Credit Cabal" rewards the rich


ignores the rest of us. 


...a better option exists, designed for financial hardships and low credit. 


if you can access this alternative, you can claim your fair share of $$$$.

If you’ve had problems getting approved because of credit in the past, it's not your fault!

You've been a victim of The Credit-Banking Establishment.


That system didn't treat you with dignity.


It didn't treat you with respect.

If you’ve ever experienced financial hardship, you feel deep in your bones how serious this is.

And now, housing costs are skyrocketing. Basic groceries are priced like caviar! How can everyday families make it work?

But there’s hope.


We know it’s urgent too - for decades we worked alongside the Credit-Banking Establishment, but were horrified as more of our clients got crushed by the process.


So we finally flipped the script.


And uncovered a different system, for you.

The loophole we uncovered is called HSCP Access.

You’ve seen the headlines - “...announcing the American Rescue Plan …to build a bridge towards economic recovery… the $1.9 Trillion plan is ambitious…”

Congress approved this and similar plans. But where are the funds?

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that a lot of money is trapped in bureaucratic swamps. 


So how can you access your fair share? What's the secret?


It’s easier than you might think. Complete the Housing Stability screening, which takes just a couple minutes.

Then, you’ll receive your personal Eligibility Code.

Your Eligibility Code is the key to your dedicated Action Plan.

Your Action Plan holds the specific resources you'll be entitled to, which could include:


  • Direct Payments to your Landlord or Mortgage

  • Down Payment Assistance

  • Utility Expenses

  • Food & Grocery Expenses

  • Medical Care Expenses

  • Cell Phone / Internet Expenses

  • ... and Many More

Screenshot - HSAP Screening - w Arrow 1.png

Consider this: a $3,000 low-credit loan at 36% interest would burden you with $143.53 monthly bill. You'd owe back over $5,167 — $2,167 just in interest!

No Thank You!


But with an HSCP qualification, there's no repayment. Zero. These are hardship funds meant to support you, not set you back further.


Remember though: they're first-come, first-serve, and there are lots of people already lined up.

Our "No Credit, No B.S." Guarantee:

I guarantee that your credit won't be a factor. We don't pull it. 

And there's no Billing Subscription. You won't be charged a thing. (There's none of that other B.S. either ;-)

So the way I see it, there are three options available to you: 


  • Option #1: Stick with the "Credit Cabal" and hope for a miracle.

  • Option #2: Think it over - but lose your place in line. 

  • Option #3: Get your Eligibility Code now. 


It’s no cost. It’s no risk. And it takes just a couple minutes.


A couple minutes could change everything for you right now.


John Gillette

Program Manager


P.S. Time is of the essence. The current program is active for at most 45 days more, but given the urgency of the financial relief needed and the widespread outreach of this campaign, spots are being claimed rapidly… at a rate of more than 150 per day… so it will likely close much sooner. This is your moment to act – before it’s too late. Click here now to complete your Housing Stability Access screening... and secure your special Eligibility Code.

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